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A nice way of seeing your notifications


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AcDisplay is a tool to customize your Android device and see all your device’s notifications in a more elegant and intuitive manner.

The main idea behind AcDisplay is to let you see all your notifications more intuitively from your device’s lock screen. When you press the lock button, you'll see many different notifications icons in the center of your screen, and all you have to do is click on one of them (leaving your finger pressed on it) in order to expand that notification.

Like this you can quickly see messages sent using any IM app (WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram...), emails, alarms, etc. And, best of all, you can see them from the lock screen itself and all in a matter of seconds.

Even though it’s basically an app to customize your phone and also looks really nice, AcDisplay is also very practical. Unlike many other purely cosmetic apps, with AcDisplay installed on your Android device you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of time.